The Children of Abraham

Father Abraham had many sons,
Many sons had Father Abraham;
I am one of them, so are you;
So let’s all praise the Lord…

Sunday school kids enjoy singing the lively action song about “Father Abraham.”  When we come to think of it, just about everybody wants, or claims, to be a child of Abraham!  Jews certainly claim to be the biological children of Abraham.  Many Arabs and Muslims certainly claim likewise, to have descended from Abraham.  And Christians — whatever their race may be — also believe they are spiritual children of Abraham, as do Muslim converts from non-Arab nations.

Yet, wonder of wonders, why do all the people who claim to be children of Abraham disagree with each other, even — in parts — fighting each other, like mortal enemies?  And very much it looks like the extremists in all the different camps of “Abraham’s children,” as  never before, are now bringing this world closer on the brink of another world war!

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