Overcoming Temptation

As a follow-up to last month’s article [“On Earth Is Not His Equal”], I would like to refer you to a little booklet which I discovered among my books recently. For its tiny size [4” x 8” and only 34 pages long] it is packed with big-time help for people struggling with a mamooth-sized challenge. It’s titled — as is this present article I’m writing – “Overcoming Temptation, A Practical Guide,” written by R.B.Gorrie, and adapted and published locally by OMF [Overseas Missionary Fellowship] Literature, Inc. in 1974 and last reprinted in 1995.

Because of its timely and much-needed pointers, I wish this booklet were available to you on-line. Unhappily, I couldn’t find this booklet offered on OMF’s sales lists. However, if you make a Google search on the same subject, you could find a good number of helpful links. But this booklet, to my mind, has most if not all the elements or essentials mentioned in those links.

The booklet has five chapters, with the following headings: 1. The Battle You Fight, 2. The Enemy You Face, 3. The Right Strategy, 4. Right Tactics, and 5. Summing Up.

A comment on the back cover of the booklet says: “This practical guide has been much in demand, for the serious Bible student, as much as for the new young Christian.” I really hope I can get the author’s or publisher’s permission to republish the booklet in its entirety as a resource material on this my website.

Meanwhile, I might also recommend that you check this link: https://www.herbert-armstrong.org, click ENTER HERE, select “Good News (1950-1989),” then 1980-1989, then the August 1985 issue, and scroll down to the article titled “How to Be an Overcomer,” pages 2-3, 19.

God bless you with victory in your struggle against your share of temptation!


Pedro R. Meléndez, Jr.