Climate Change

One of the most controversial topics being discussed in the news, social media and halls of government these days concerns “climate change.”  A good number of scientists who claim to have honestly and objectively looked at the challenge of “climate change” declare that this recent and ever-worsening global phenomenon is real!  They are sounding an alarm and warning that unless humankind pulls together to remedy the situation, we and our environment will have had it!

On the other side of the fence are politicians, businessmen and even some religious figures who flatly deny that there is such a thing as “climate change.”  Some of them may admit that, yes, there is that challenge, but the “solution” offered by “environmentalists” would cause businesses to go bankrupt and many people to lose their jobs, thereby exacerbating the already runaway problem of poverty worldwide.

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Mary Worship

She is called “Blessed…among women,” “highly favored,” having “found favor with God.”  By some mysterious and supernatural process, through the power of the Holy Spirit, she conceived and brought forth the “Son of the Highest,” the “Son of God” — Jesus Christ, the Founder and Lord of Christianity.  [See:  The True Christ.]

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