Blood Moon

The world was agog over the rare (“once in a blue moon”) lunar phenomenon that took place in the evening of January 31 this year 2018.  It was known here in the Philippines (as perhaps elsewhere also) as the “super blue blood moon.”

According to meteorologists, the last time the same event happened was in 1982 — 36 years ago:  the moon could be viewed at its rising as bigger than usual (thus “super”) since it was then closer to the earth than at other times; it was a “blue moon,” according to one definition, because it was the second full moon within the same month (January 2 and 31 this year 2018) [see:  Two Full Moons in One Month!]; and the moon took on a reddish color (thus like blood) as an effect of a total lunar eclipse, plus other factors like volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

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