The So-called “Science” of Gender Identity Affirmation


Recently I viewed with keen interest the now viral video (over 4 million views), where American medical doctor James O’Keefe is offering some scientific explanation about “nature’s” design and the necessary role of homosexuality in the proper functioning and survival of the human family and society.  [See: . This is a transcript of O’keefe’s video, included at the end of the transcript, which you can also watch.]

Most comments by viewers were highly positive, and a few had some rather vague reasons for disagreeing with Dr. O’Keefe’s view.  I find myself in the latter category of reactions.  In a word, I would evaluate the famous doctor’s proposition in the same way God, through the apostle Paul, calls certain dubious knowledge as “falsely called science” (1 Timothy 6:20, NKJV) [“science so called,” KJV] .

Why so?  I will try to be as plain as I can be!

In the first place, Dr. O’Keefe is patently a firm believer in the theory of evolution.  Yet, it is a “theory” that has many gaps and inconsistencies it cannot explain!  He views homosexuality as an “evolutionary” occurrence essential to the survival of the human and other species — the “natural order.”

I would strongly recommend that you check out the website of, in my view, a more distinguished and much more credible scientist than Dr. O’Keefe. The website is published by a mechanical and former aerospace engineer and expert in neuro-science and computer science who, for now, goes by the name “Adon.” — With his scientific expertise he proves beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution cannot be true !  [See also:, click ENTER HERE, select “Books & Booklets” and scroll down to the booklets titled “A Theory for the Birds,” “Some Fishy Stories,” and related booklets and other “Reference Materials” on evolution. See also the booklet titled “HUMAN NATURE — Did God Create It?”]

Dr. O’Keefe proposes that everyone – especially family, friends, schoolmates and workmates – should “affirm” or accept a homosexual person who may be outwardly obvious or who “comes out” as such.  That we should rather accentuate the positive benefits to family and society of the “otherness” of that person, and eliminate negative reactions such as shaming, censure, rejection – even violence.  That one’s homosexuality should not be a reason for that person to be – and feel – unloved.

In this case we could use the cliché “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Unhappily, I don’t get the full sense of this from Dr. O’Keefe’s video. Instead I get the impression that the doctor is recommending that we condone or overlook the sin!  He does not consider the harmful effect it may have on the person and/or on the others he consorts with.

Far too often religion or belief in a God who has laid down absolute moral standards or laws regarding same-sexual orientation and behavior is pinned as the cause of the homosexual person’s feeling of unwellness – clinically termed “gender dysporia,” in some cases leading to suicidal thoughts (“ideation”), suicide attempts, if not actual suicide. Thus, the Biblical injunctions against same-sex conduct and transgenderism, like cross-dressing, are brushed aside as some backward vestiges of long-gone “dark age” mentality! [See: The Rainbow Connection.]

I believe my above-cited article gives a gracious and compassionate but also Bible-affirming view on the issues about the LGBTQ+ community.  I also deal with the matter in The Conversion Therapy Controversy, Should Everyone Be Allowed to Be Who They Are?  Can it Be Wrong When it Feels so Right?  and  Is Mankind Inherently Evil?

May God give you a sound-minded understanding of the serious gender identity crisis of today!


Pedro R. Meléndez, Jr.